Saturday, November 6, 2010

REAL LIFFT Transformations Coming Soon

 The Top Says BEAUTIFUL!
 What does yours say
 Post your pics!  Guys you're welcome also.

It is finally here!!  Real LIFFT Transformations in Chicago by the one and only ME!!  And a great team to support.  Keep tuned.  I'll be revealing the identity of the first 'Transformation' of 2010.  I am debating between a lady in her 40's goes from TV producer to SuperModel; a lady in her 20's goes from Dental Hygienist to Actress or a lady in her 30's goes from HR Management to Spiritual life coach!!!  Or myself, ex IT-geek turned Fitness/Motivational Expert.  Feedback is appreciated and very well heard!

Begin your day with some great self-love talk... Anyone remember the old 80's hit "I talk to myself" - " I talk to myself, 'cause there is no one else to talk to.  People ask me why I do what I do."?  Well, now I tell everyone to tell yourself how wonderful you are EVERY morning while you look in the mirror and DON'T leave out any details!!  So that's why you do what you do!

It's love yourself Day!!  Enjoy.  - Kay

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